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Teacher training workshop

Our first free teacher training workshop about the Mexican-American War in California was a success...

Upcoming museum events


10 Dec - Christmas Party & Toys for Tots Collection at the Museum - 2 PM to 6 PM
22 Dec - Tun Tavern Tuesday at the Museum - 4 PM to 8 PM

Historical Photos

The Museum Archives has 8,210 photos now digitized! They're free!

Hours of Operation

Monday - Saturday
8:30 AM - 3:00 PM

Scheduled Closed Dates

Monday 26 Dec
Saturday 31 Dec
Monday 2 Jan

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Saturday 27 May

Monday 29 May

Saturday 1 Jul

Tuesday 4 Jul

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New WWII Exhibit

The Marine Corps Women's Reserve exhibit is now open!  These Marines helped run Marine bases during WWII ...

oral histories

Contact us if you know of a candidate for us to interview...

community partners

Explore the cultural heritage organizations we partner with...

mcrd museum education program

The MCRD Museum offers free tours, classes, and curricula.  Staff can also travel to local schools and classrooms.  Explore our free programming...

volunteers needed

Help us with exhibits, tours, cataloging, and more!...

MCRD Museum

Day Hall, Building. 26

Located on the Historic

Marine Corps Recruit Depot

Mail:  1600 Henderson Ave., Ste 112

San Diego, CA 92140-5000

Main Line:  (619) 524-6719 

Education/Workshops: (619) 524-6038


museum hours

mcrd museum reference center

Photographs, maps, manuscripts, and more are in the MCRD Museum Reference Center. No cost!  Access by appointment.  Explore our Reference Center materials...

What's New at the museum?

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